How are the brands from YOUNG LABEL AWARDS 2019 doing?

13 July 2020

According to the survey, impact from the Covid-19, everyone stay home most of the time. Consumers prefer purchasing basic and comfortable products as their primary choice. They reflected that, Lingerie and Sports bra are the “ALWAYS” purchase items. Therefore, yoga pants and sports bra become the best-selling products recently. On the other hand, consumers also care more about the brand story and their social behavior. How do the brands take the corporate responsibility during Covid-19 becomes the main factor for consuming.

From the past months, ” Stay Strong Together!” become our motto! Young Label Awards and THE ESSENCE focus on brand story and design and comfort of the products, and last year, Young Label Awards gained lots of compliments from visitors and participants, the jury amazed by the professional level of the brand’s business direction and the quality of the products. Let’s review the highlight brands from Young Label Awards 2019 and see how do they do now.



Creation of year:2016

LIVARYMIO breaks the tradition with the internationally advanced custom design concept, reconstructs the underwear design and the scenes, and designs the sexy bodysuits for young Asian women. The aesthetic expression of loyalty to the body and mind truly blends comfort and sensuality.

Recently, LIVARYMIO has pitched millions of dollars in angel round financing, and the investor is Artesian Invests. Artesian was established in Sydney in 2004. It was an early VC active in the Asia-Pacific region and one of Australia’s largest VC funds. At this stage, sales channels of Livarymio are mainly online, including Tmall stores and WeChat mall. According to the data provided by the team, the backless underwear, which is worn around the scene, achieved sales of more than 10 million in the first year of its establishment. It is expected that this year’s sales will increase by 5 times.


Creation of year:2018


Maimia’s lingerie gives inspirations to your private life, with its elaborated design and the silhouette for modern wardrobe, light fitting for everyday. As a working woman in Tokyo, sized 65C/30C, Mai had difficulty finding lingerie that had a good balance of Sophisticated design, Modern silhouette, light fitting. She also wanted to bring Art, Culture, and Fashion to the pieces of lingerie.

Maimia’s Lingerie focus on the light-weight products with detailed and modern design. As a working woman in Tokyo, Mai was hard to find small cup lingerie combined with exquisite and modern design and light-weight, she hopes she could put technique, culture and fashion into a lingerie. She handles from design to sourcing to sales by herself, with the unique design and her perseverance, she won the first runner up in Young Label Awards 2019.

According to the interview of Ms. Mai, her brand was discovered by oversea and Chinese media after Young Label Awards, more and more women in Japan and China aware of Maimia. She started to grow her team and expand the sales network, they opened Maimia’s very first permanent corner in Shibuya Seibu, one of the major departments in the heart of Tokyo. Also, from this sting they are increasing stockists outside Tokyo. In Osaka they did popup event in Hankyu, and 4 new retailers started to sell Maimia. As for Covid-19’s impact, we couldn’t do 20SS exhibition in April, and we missed 1 pop up event in end May.
But Maimia is very flexible because only Mai and her assistant are managing Maimia, so they quickly shifted to “instagram exhibition“ and “online pop up shop”. And luckily it went very well and the sales profit covered the loss. Maimia is actually going very well, the sales of their E-Commerce increased 10 times during the lockdown in Tokyo.


Creation of year:2018


The Blender, a lingerie brand for the modern intelligent woman, was born out of a love for color, architecture and art, that celebrates the natural form of a woman’s body. Working out the finest customized fabric that features a delicate second-skin effect. Awaken the desire, embrace the realness. With the brand story and unique product design of THE BLENDER, they won the champion in Young Label Awards 2019.

According to the interview with THE BLENDER, after the Covid-19, they actually didn’t impact strongly. During the Covid-19, they chose to go with the flow : they spend more time to enhance their professional field, upgrade the products, increase the ability of the team and plan the new business strategy to have a better adaption after Covid-19.

Inspired by the movie “The Shape of Water”, THE BLENDER 2020 Spring/Summer Collection is all about water. Clean cut and fish scale pattern interpreting the color, shape and softness of water, illustrating a gender-neutral beauty that water possesses. As a symbol of love, water is all-embracing. This season, THE BLENDER hopes to deliver the message of “acceptance and understanding” by using water as its key element.


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