Interview with Newlife : Trend after epidemic

23 July 2020

Newlife was founded in 2018, their brand’s position are classic and simple design, natural material, comfortable wearing-experience.They participated to Young Label Awards last year, the jury from China and oversea were amazed by their comfortable and beautiful products, and announced them as first runner up of Young Label Awards 2019.

– From Young Label Awards 2019 Ceremony

Newlife: Covid-19 brings us a signal, To Change. We rapidly changed our life and consume habit, we improved our health knowledge and raised more attention on the Earth.

Respect the nature, save energy, cherish the Earth…the concept is brought up more. People start to rethink and change self consumer habit, to be more practical and reasonable, and more important is say goodbye to fast fashion. Consumers care more about the quality and practicality of the products.

Retro Nostalgia style has been more popular for these few years, it remind us the good time from the old days. From the desire to get close to nature and women’s awareness of self-liberation are constantly improving.

Those concept is implanted into their DNA since the brand was established in 2018. Newlife advocates French spirit, brings confidence and elegant into the intimates.

We insist to use sustainable materials, like nature eco-cotton, eco-friendly fabric……We create high-quality intimates to give your skin a healthy, natural, free and comfortable care.

Our best-sellers collection – Waltz, we use 19 mumi stretch silk material, combined with simple but not basic design with exquisite and practical details, and brings a higher quality experience for independent modern women, achieving more charming self-confidence.

Our new collection – Monet Garden, we use 100% natural cotton with peach tone, to let city girls experience back-to-the-natural.

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