Over the past years, China has witnessed a significant evolvement from being the world’s factory to becoming the fastest developing consumer market in the world. A new consumer era for fashion has emerged, where China is believed to be the focal point stimulated by the growing middle class, digital-native Gen Z, new media and new technologies. Brands that are born in China, more than ever, present a strong identity, embrace their own culture and open up to a wider and international stage.

THE ESSENCE, curated by Eurovet and their expert team, offers an opportunity for Chinese brands to speak their own language and stories.







Founded in Shanghai in 2002, N E I W A I has developed from a “self-contained underwear” to a brand that focuses on underwear, home, sports and other body-related products and experiences.
Always comfortable and more than just comfort. We insist on making meaningful designs, satisfying the functional needs of a wider range of people in different scenarios, optimizing body feelings, creating tacit and temperature-sensitive emotional connections between people and clothing, encouraging people to explore and understand inner self and external world.












Crème are committed to providing exquisite embroidery and the finest fabrics for the underwear of the modern woman, whatever her style. Unbinding the aesthetic constraints on what a woman should wear, and allowing her to feel sensual in her own body. Our goal at Crème is to allow you to express your inner voice, to feel the comfort and happiness of self-love, and to bring a class and a ceremony to the clothing closest to your skin. It’s so much more than just underwear.












KUVA stems from “coexistence with awakening” meaning “synchronized with awakening.
Just like her allegory, KUVA hopes to become a brand that accompanies women’s self-perception and growth and strives to pursue purity, adhere to quality and touch lives every day.
KUVA advocates a comfortable, comfortable, streamlined life, advocates women’s self-confidence and relaxation and returns to the simple and calm heart.













Founded in 2017, COUTOSS is positioned to be a mid- to high-end original fashion lingerie lifestyle brand.
The product line starts from underwear and swimwear lines, extending Resort clothing and home furnishing. COUTOSS is deeply influenced by French aesthetics and focuses on the Asian body and wearing habits. The Chinese and Western design and development team with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, using the ultimate craftsmanship of French underwear, rigorously select the world’s most advanced fabrics, such as “Lace of the Lace”, the laces of silk, silk, etc., the luxury content into the fine details. Adhere to the “Chic, Sexy, Posh” as a product symbol, constantly explore and discover the beauty of women’s curves in the subtleties, bringing the dual experience of “face value and comfort” coexist.


The SINCERE HEART brand began in 2015 with the creation of two Pisces girls with artistic cells. They have a constant stream of whimsy in their hearts, hoping to express them through the form of underwear, and appeal to the majority of women to love themselves, but also to please themselves.


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